Who won the 1986 world snooker final?

Tournament information
Highest break Steve Davis ( ENG ) (134)
Champion Joe Johnson ( ENG )
Runner-up Steve Davis ( ENG )

Who won 1986 Snooker Championship?

Having never previously won a single match at the Crucible, Joe Johnson became an overnight celebrity when he became world champion in 1986 as a 150-1 outsider. After beating Steve Davis 18-12, Johnson became the only player to win the Snooker World Championship having never previously won another ranking event.

When did Joe Johnson win the world championship?

Joe Johnson (born 29 July 1952) is an English former professional snooker player and commentator, best known for winning the 1986 World Championship after starting the tournament as a 150–1 outsider.

Who won the snooker match in 1982 between Steve Davis and Tony Knowles?

Knowles shot to prominence in 1982 when he defeated defending champion Steve Davis 10–1 in the first round of the World Championship, earning him overnight stardom in a period when the sport was reaching the peak of its popularity.

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Who did Joe Johnson beat in snooker final?

Sports fanatics across the country started to take notice in their droves now. Like all the great Crucible tales, this went far beyond snooker. Davis dug deep like the champion he is, but vitally Johnson edged the session and took a 13-11 lead into the final evening. He was five frames away from a sensational triumph.

Who is Phil Yates?

Philip William Yates GC (3 January 1913 – 14 February 1998) was an English recipient of the Edward Medal, later exchanged for a George Cross, awarded for gallantry in the 1931 Bentley Colliery Disaster in Yorkshire. … He exchanged his Edward Medal for the George Cross in 1971 when the Edward Medal was withdrawn.

Does Ken Doherty still play snooker?

Doherty’s loss in the 2020 World Championship Qualifying meant that he finished the season outside the top 64 and fell out of the tour. However, he was given an invitational tour card to continue playing professional snooker in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 season.

Who is Jo Johnson’s wife?

Amelia Gentlemanm. 2005

What happened to Joe Johnson?

He played for a total of seven teams throughout his NBA career. The last time Johnson played in the NBA was during the 2017-18 season. He played for the Utah Jazz and the Houston Rockets. In 2019 he did return to the NBA and signed with the Detroit Pistons but was waived before the season started.

How old is Joe Johnson?

39 years (June 29, 1981)

Who was the female snooker commentator in 1982?

Her second title in 1981 came after a 3–0 defeat of Mandy Fisher in the final. At 51, her success made her the oldest woman world champion in any sport. Selby became a television commentator for snooker, is a qualified referee, and served as chairman of the North East Billiards and Snooker Association.

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How much did Alex Higgins get for winning the world championship?

He won the UK Championship in 1983 and the Masters in 1978 and 1981, making him one of eleven players to have completed snooker’s Triple Crown.

Alex Higgins.

Nickname Hurricane
Professional 1971–1997
Highest ranking 2 (1976/77 and 1982/83)
Career winnings £711,999
Tournament wins

How old is Jimmy White?

59 years (May 2, 1962)

How many tournaments has Steve Davis?

Steve Davis

Century breaks 355
Tournament wins
Ranking 28
Non-ranking 56
World Champion 1981 1983 1984 1987 1988 1989

How many times has Steve Davis won World Snooker?

Steve Davis is one of the true Snooker Legends. Having played as a professional for over 30 years, he’s still actively playing in tournaments today, as well as commentating on them for the BBC at certain times. He’s been World Champion 6 times and has been ranked number 1 in the world for 7 years.

Why was Joe Johnson called the shoe?

During his career, Johnson had the nickname The Shoe , which alluded to his unconventional shoes: he had attracted attention during the 1986 World Snooker Championship with pink shoes combined with a gray suit.

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