Who won IBSF World Snooker?

Pankaj Advani wins IBSF World Snooker Championship; fifteenth world title for the ‘Golden Boy’ This was Advani’s first 15-Red Snooker title since 2003 when he won the crown in China.

Who won the IBSF World Snooker Championship 2020?

Reigning World Champion Nutcharat Wongharuthai of Thailand wins the Inaugural World Women Snooker 6Red Cup 2020.

Who won 2019 Ibsf?


Year Venue Winner
2019 Mandalay (Long-Up) Peter Gilchrist
2018 Yangon (150-Up) Pankaj Advani
2018 Yangon (Long-Up) Pankaj Advani
2017 Doha (150-Up) Pankaj Advani

Who is the champion of world billiards of 2020?

22 for Pankaj Advani.

Who won coral Snooker 2020?

Stephen Maguire has won the 2020 Tour Championship after an excellent 10-6 triumph against Mark Allen in Milton Keynes on Friday. The Scot produced a clinical display in the second session to pull away after the scores were tied at 4-4 following the afternoon bout of play.

What does Ibsf stand for?

International Billiards and Snooker Federation

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Jurisdiction International
Abbreviation IBSF
Founded 1971
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Official website

Which team won the final of IBSF Snooker World Cup in Doha?

The IBSF World Snooker Championship (also known as the World Amateur Snooker Championship) is the premier non-professional snooker tournament in the world.

Men’s finals.

Year 2016
Venue Doha, Qatar
Winner Soheil Vahedi
Runner-up Andrew Pagett
Score 8–1

Where was the 22nd World Billiards title 2019 held?

India’s billiards superstar Pankaj Advani on Sunday clinched his 22nd world title for the country by winning a fourth straight final in the 150-up format at the IBSF World Billiards Championship in Mandalay.

Who won the World Billiards title?

David Causier (with six titles), Pankaj Advani (three titles), and Peter Gilchrist are other multiple title winners in the modern game.

How many times Pankaj Advani won Ibsf?

He is a 23 time world champion. He has won the IBSF World Billiards Championship 15 – times, the World Team Billiards Championship 1 – time, the IBSF World Snooker Championship (15 Reds) 3 – times, (6 Reds) 2 – times, the IBSF World Team Cup 1 – time and the IBSF World Team Championship – 1 time.

Who is the king of billiards?

In addition to pool, Reyes has played international billiards, specifically one-cushion and three-cushion.

Efren Reyes.

Born August 26, 1954 Mexico, Pampanga, Philippines
Sport country Philippines
Nickname The Magician, The Maestro, Bata
Pool games eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket
Tournament wins

What does billiards mean?

: any of several games played on an oblong table by driving small balls against one another or into pockets with a cue specifically : a game in which one scores by causing a cue ball to hit in succession two object balls — compare pool entry 3.

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Who won World Billiards 2018?

India’s Sourav Kothari defeated Peter Gilchrist of Singapore 1134-944 to clinch the 2018 WBL World Billiards Championship title in Leeds on Friday.

Who is the richest snooker player?

# Top 20 World Richest Snooker Players List:

Ranking Player’s Name Net Worth
1st Steve Davis 33.7 Million USD
2nd Stephen Hendry 32.4 Million USD
3rd Dennis Taylor 23.3 Million USD
4th Jimmy White 19.4 Million USD

Who won snooker 2021?

Mark Selby

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan still in the Championship Snooker 2020?

Ronnie O’Sullivan will opt out of playing two more days at the Championship League after a 3-2 defeat to Group 5 winner Kyren Wilson in the semi-finals on Thursday.

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