What’s the best make of snooker cue?

What is the best brand of snooker cue?


  • Hunt & Osborne: Will Hunt has been making the highest quality cues since 1983.
  • Maximus: This brand is from Thailand which is known for cue manufacturers.
  • Wood: Best quality brand at a reasonable price.
  • Craftsman: Specialist cue makers for professionals for over 25 years.

What snooker cues do professionals use?

Most professionals use anything from 9mm to 10mm. John Higgins uses 9.75mm. I use between 9.8mm and 10mm, depending on how my cue plays with the tip. The cue I have now is perfect for a 9.8mm tip so that’s what I’m using.

What are the best snooker cue tips?

Best Snooker Cue Tips In 2021

  • Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip. The Kamui brand has been around for a while. …
  • CUESOUL Cue Tips Screw-On Tip. If affordability is what you’re searching for, the CUESOUL Cue Tips-Pool Cue Tip makes an ideal pick. …
  • CUESOUL Cue Tips-Pool Cue Tip. …
  • KAMUI Snooker Original Laminated Billiard Cue Tip. …
  • CC Century Pro Cue Tip.
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What snooker cue does Ronnie use?

Research suggests that Ronnie O’Sullivan’s most recent used cue is the Parris Cues Ultimate.

Has anyone ever got a 155 break in snooker?

A break greater than 147 has happened only once in professional competition, when Jamie Burnett made a break of 148 at the qualifying stage of the 2004 UK Championship. Jamie Cope compiled a break of 155 points, the highest possible free-ball break, during practice in 2005.

Does a good snooker cue make a difference?

In some cases, yes! If you’re someone playing Snooker for the first time, the quality of the Snooker cue won’t affect you in any way. But for seasoned players who know their way around the table, it’s imperative that they get a custom or branded Snooker cue to help enhance their game.

Is snooker harder than pool?

Pool or snooker? Snooker is the more difficult game. But keep in mind that “pool” encompasses many pocket billiard games, with the most popular being 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, Rotation (aka “61”), 14.1 Continuous (aka “Straight Pool”), and One Pocket.

Are Chinese snooker cues any good?

I think for a few makers in China, they are. In fact, I can honestly say that they are easily as good, if not better than British made cues. … They are superb cues, have intricate and perfectly aligned points and inlays, and hit better than some British made cues I have tried.

Which cue does Judd Trump use?

Judd played Neil Robertson in the final with both players using Parris Cues.

What size tip does Ronnie use?

He uses a Stamford One Piece with a Kamui Tip. The specs are not known but from what i heard its 58 inches, 18.3 oz and 9.4 mm tip. Is Ronnie O’Sullivan’s first round loss to James Cahill at the World Championships the biggest shock in Snooker history?

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What cue tips do pros use?

Most professional players tend to choose between the soft tip or the hard tip depending on the type of game the player plays. The cue tip is made of vegetable-tanned leather, which would give a far superior process in durability and elasticity compared to the Chrome tanned leather.

What size snooker cue tip do the pros use?

Generally speaking most players prefer and 8mm to 8.5mm tip for a 1 & 7/8 pool cue ball, and 9.5mm to 10mm tip for a full size 2 1/16 snooker cue ball. American pool uses an even bigger cue ball so the tip sizes are normally between 12.5 mm and 13.5mm.

What is the most expensive snooker cue?

1. The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue – $150,000.00. What would you be willing to pay just to own the most expensive pool cue in the world? The price tag on this one is a whopping $150,000.

What is the best snooker cue for beginners?

Here are my recommendations for beginners snooker cues.

  • BCE Mark Selby SAPPHIRE Snooker Cue.
  • Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cue.
  • CUE SOUL 57” Handcraft 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue.
  • BCE Ronnie O`Sullivan MAROON & CREAM Snooker Cue.

What weight cue do pros use?

What is the standard cue weight? A: The pros use cues which weigh 19 to 19.5 ounces. Available pool sticks range from a low of about 15 to as much as 27 ounces, an extra half-pound over the pro cue.

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