What is the snooker ref carrying?

Anybody knows what device do referees hold in their hands in Championship League 2020? It’s a phaser that they fire at any camera operator or photographer that coughs. The device is used to enter the score in the scoreboard.

Who is the female snooker referee at the Masters 2020?

Tatiana Woollaston

She has since become a regular referee at European Tour and world ranking events. At the 2015 Welsh Open she took charge of a televised ranking event match for the first time. She first refereed at the World Championship at the Crucible in 2020.

Who is the lady snooker referee?

Michaela Tabb (born 11 December 1967, in Bath, Somerset, England) is a Scottish professional referee in the sports of snooker and pool. After she began refereeing professionally on the pool circuit in 1997, Tabb established significant milestones for women officials in professional cue sports.

What nationality is Tatiana woollaston?

Tatiana Woollaston (born Tatiana Torchilo, alternative spelling Tatiana Tarchyla, Belarusian: Таццяна Тарчыла, 8 November 1986 in Pinsk, Soviet Union) is a professional snooker referee.

How old is Tatiana woollaston?

34 года ()

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Who is the richest snooker player?

# Top 20 World Richest Snooker Players List:

Ranking Player’s Name Net Worth
1st Steve Davis 33.7 Million USD
2nd Stephen Hendry 32.4 Million USD
3rd Dennis Taylor 23.3 Million USD
4th Jimmy White 19.4 Million USD

What do snooker referees get paid?

Snooker Referees Salary:

If you qualify as a World Snooker professional referee, you will earn a base salary of $25,000 per season. This figure is the same for every male professional referee. According to Sportingfree.com, the base salary for female snooker referees is slightly lower at $20,000 per season.

Who has the most 147 breaks in snooker?

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most maximum breaks in professional competition, with 15. He also holds the record for the fastest competitive maximum break, at 5 minutes and 8 seconds, which he achieved at the 1997 World Championship. Maximum breaks have gradually become more frequent in snooker.

Who is refereeing the World Snooker Final 2020?

World Snooker referee Olivier Marteel dons a different suit to lead fight against Covid-19 – Eurosport.

Why did Stephen Hendry stop playing snooker?

His decision to retire was in response to a severe loss of form caused by “the yips”, a condition that first affected his game 12 years prior to his retirement. In September 2020, Hendry announced that he would come out of retirement after accepting an invitational tour card for the next two seasons.

Who are the referees at the Masters snooker?


  • Erik Amberg.
  • Desislava Bozhilova.
  • Terry Camilleri.
  • Paul Collier.
  • Greg Coniglio.
  • Alex Crișan.
  • Kevin Dabrowski.
  • Nico De Vos.
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Where was Tatiana woollaston born?

Pinsk, Belarus

How much is Michaela Tabb worth?

Her net worth has been growing significantly in 2019-2020. So, how much is Michaela Tabb worth at the age of 53 years old?

Michaela Tabb Net Worth.

Net Worth in 2020 $1 Million – $5 Million
Cars Not Available
Source of Income
8 ball