Frequent question: Who is Phil the snooker commentator?

Phil Yates (I)

Who is Phil Yates snooker commentator?

A snooker journalist and commentator for several years now, Phil can most often be heard these days commenting on the Premier and Championship League competitions for Matchroom Sport. In the past he has also commentated on ranking events such as the British Open on SkySports.

Who is commentating on tonight’s snooker?

Today’s second-round matches are the best of 11 frames. The commentators include Steve Davis, John Parrott, Stephen Hendry and Dennis Taylor.


Role Contributor
Commentator Alan McManus
Commentator Dennis Taylor
Commentator John Virgo
Executive Producer Alison Witkover

Who is Phil Yates?

Philip William Yates GC (3 January 1913 – 14 February 1998) was an English recipient of the Edward Medal, later exchanged for a George Cross, awarded for gallantry in the 1931 Bentley Colliery Disaster in Yorkshire. … He exchanged his Edward Medal for the George Cross in 1971 when the Edward Medal was withdrawn.

Who are the BBC snooker commentators 2020?


Role Contributor
Commentator John Parrott
Commentator Dennis Taylor
Commentator John Virgo
Director Steve Doherty

Who are the commentators on ITV4 snooker?

Here’s the ITV4 broadcast schedule for the 188BET Champion of Champions. Jill Douglas presents the show alongside Stephen Hendry, Neal Foulds and Alan McManus. Commentary comes from Clive Everton and Phil Yates.

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Who is the female snooker presenter?

When the Premier League season ends, she presents Motorsport for Channel 4. Jaswal also reports on the BBC’s coverage of the World Snooker Championships and Channel 4’s BDO Darts.

Seema Jaswal
Alma mater Royal Holloway, University of London
Occupation TV Presenter & Radio Presenter
Years active 2008 – present

Who is the best snooker commentator?

The likes of Stephen Hendry, John Parrott and Dennis Taylor are three of the best snooker commentators, providing expert insight into all aspects of the game.

Who is the new snooker commentator?

Anthony Hamilton joins 2021 line-up

The voice emanating out of the Crucible in Sheffield was that of snooker player Anthony Hamilton. Neil Robertson and Kyren Wilson are both through to the quarter-finals at the World Snooker Championship.

Who is presenting the snooker today?

The chances are that if you watched the World Snooker Championship you will have seen TV presenter Seema Jaswal in action.

Where is Phil Yates from?

Phil Yates was born in Cradley Heath, West Midlands in 1962.

Who is David Hendon?

Eurosport Snooker commentator David Hendon has become an acclaimed playwright. Eurosport Snooker commentator David Hendon has worked in the sport for many years, but during his spare time away from the box he has become an acclaimed playwright.

Why is Hazel Irvine not at the Masters snooker?

Irvine, who has been the face of BBC snooker throughout the 21st Century, missed last year’s World Championship due what was described as a “family illness”.

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