Frequent question: What year did Alex Higgins win the world snooker championship?

After considering a career as a jockey, he focussed solely on snooker and turned professional age 22. Remarkably, he won the World Championship at his first attempt in 1972, beating John Spencer 37-31 in the final.

Who won the snooker final in 1982?

Alex Higgins won his second world title, defeating Ray Reardon 18–15 in the final.

Who won the World Snooker Championship in 1972?

The 1972 World Snooker Championship (also known as 1972 Park Drive World Snooker Championship for sponsorship reasons) was a professional snooker tournament that took place between March 1971 and 26 February 1972. Alex Higgins won his first World title beating John Spencer 37–32 in the final.

How much was Alex Higgins worth?

Alex Higgins net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Snooker Player.

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Who won World Snooker in 1983?

1983 World Snooker Championship

Tournament information
Champion Steve Davis ( ENG )
Runner-up Cliff Thorburn ( CAN )
Score 18–6
← 1982 1984 →

How much did Alex Higgins get for winning the world championship?

He won the UK Championship in 1983 and the Masters in 1978 and 1981, making him one of eleven players to have completed snooker’s Triple Crown.

Alex Higgins.

Nickname Hurricane
Professional 1971–1997
Highest ranking 2 (1976/77 and 1982/83)
Career winnings £711,999
Tournament wins

Who was the female snooker commentator in 1982?

Her second title in 1981 came after a 3–0 defeat of Mandy Fisher in the final. At 51, her success made her the oldest woman world champion in any sport. Selby became a television commentator for snooker, is a qualified referee, and served as chairman of the North East Billiards and Snooker Association.

Who has won snooker World Championship the most?

Top 10 snooker world champions of all time – where does four-time winner Mark Selby feature?

  1. Ronnie O’Sullivan (World titles: 6 / Triple crown wins: 20)
  2. Stephen Hendry (World titles: 7 / Triple crown wins: 18) …
  3. Steve Davis (World titles: 6 / Triple crown wins: 15) …
  4. John Higgins (World titles: 4 / Triple crown wins: 9) …

Who is the best snooker player of all time?

Top ten snooker players of all time with Ronnie O’Sullivan beating Stephen Hendry to No1 after World Championships win

  • O’Sullivan is snooker’s best-ever player, according to SunSport’s Rob MaulCredit: Rex Features.
  • Hendry has won one more World Championship title than O’SullivanCredit: Action Images – Reuters.
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Which snooker player has won the most titles?

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most ranking titles with 37, passing Stephen Hendry’s total of 36, by winning the 2020 World Snooker Championship. John Higgins is third in the list with 31 wins, followed by Steve Davis with 28.

Did Alex Higgins die broke?

Snooker star Jimmy, 48, said: “He died from lack of nourishment. … Anguished Jimmy last night revealed he cried for hours after hearing close friend Alex “Hurricane” Higgins had died.

Did Alex Higgins ever make a 147?

Also, at the Crucible three decades ago, Higgins was well on his way to the first ever 147 recorded on television. … In 1976 Higgins knocked in a 146 against Willie Thorne during a challenge match.

What age did Alex Higgins die?

61 years (1949–2010)

Who won the 1988 World Snooker Championship?

The defending champion was Steve Davis, who had previously won the World Championship four times. He met the 1979 champion Terry Griffiths in the final, which was a best-of-35- frames match.

1988 World Snooker Championship.

Tournament information
Champion Steve Davis ( ENG )
Runner-up Terry Griffiths ( WAL )
Score 18–11
← 1987 1989 →

Who won crucible?

Mark Selby became a four-time world snooker champion in front of a capacity crowd at the Crucible in Sheffield after defeating Shaun Murphy 18-15 in a thrilling final on Monday. Selby successfully preserved his three-frame lead over Murphy at the end of the penultimate session of their final to go 14-11 in front.

Who won the first World Championship at the Crucible?

The reigning world champion is Mark Selby. Joe Davis dominated the tournament over its first two decades, winning the first 15 world championships before he retired undefeated after his final victory in 1946.

World Snooker Championship.

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Tournament information
Venue Crucible Theatre (since 1977)
Location Sheffield
Country England
Established 1927
8 ball