Frequent question: What is a snooker cue ferrule?

In short, the ferrule protects the tip end of the cue from splitting, due to the continuous impact it receives. … Historically, the ferrule had been made from brass which players have gotten accustomed to given how they rarely change cues over their careers.

Why do snooker cues have brass ferrules?

A brass ferrule is often found on European snooker or billiard cues that have particularly small shaft diameters that need the extra support that metal gives. A lot of these shaft diameters are about 10 mm, which is close to the average tenon diameter.

How do you remove a ferrule cue tip?

Use a lathe or a pair of pliers to remove the ferrule. Squeeze the split on the opposite side and move it around to remove it. Just be careful not to damage the wooden tenon in the middle of the cue stick. If you twist too hard, you might twist off the tenon, too.

What weight snooker cue do pros use?

With the right Snooker cue, every impact your cue tip makes with the cue ball should feel like an extension of your own fingers. The most common cue weight that is used by many manufacturers and even professionals is around 430-500g.

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Do pool cues wear out?

When your cue’s leather tip wears down to the thickness of a dime it’s time to replace the tip. If you continue to use a cuestick that has a worn down tip you increase your chances of miscuing. … You should always try to keep your pool cue tips well maintained by visually inspecting them a few times a year.

What are cue ferrules made of?

Most cues being made today come with either linen fiber, Ivorine III or Aegis ferrules. Custom cues on the other hand, will often come with ivory ferrules which are thought to provide the most feel.

How tight should a ferrule be?

The ferrules should not slide freely on the tubing. … As with the two-piece ferrule, tighten the nut one half turn past finger tight either onto the fixture or into a 1/8” end cap. When the nut is removed the one-piece ferrule will be seen to be “biting” slightly into the tubing and will not slide up or down.

How do I choose a ferrule size?

If two AWG wires of the same size are being used, then the correct ferrule size can be determined by increasing the total wire size by three steps. For example, two 20 AWG wires (cross sectional area of 0.519mm2 each) are equivalent to a single 17 AWG/1.04mm2, so a 1.5mm2 capacity ferrule should be specified.

How do you fix a ferrule?

  1. Alternate Method. Mix up the epoxy and using a toothpick carefully place the glue around the bottom of the ferrule (between it and the club head). …
  2. Use your grip cloth or rubber glove to twist and push the ferrule back into place. This can take quite a bit of force. …
  3. You’re done.
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What oil do you use in a snooker cue?

Check the shaft – The shaft can become dry over time, to look after and protect the shaft it’s best to use raw linseed oil. Before applying the oil you will need to clean the shaft to do this wipe the cue with a slightly damp cloth and dry. Do not use a lot of water as can cause the shaft to swell.

How do you make a snooker cue smooth?

If u feel that the cue is still dry after one round oiling then you can reoil till it stops absorbing oil. Then leave the cue to dry in a cool and clean place. After that rub the cue throughly with a clean lint free cloth. U can again use the 0000 grade steel wool and reoil the cue and this makes it super smooth.

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