What is the standard height for a pool table light?

The recommended hanging height for a pool table light is 31″ to 33″ from the top of the pool table playing surface to the bottom of the lamp shade.

How far above table should light hang?

Traditionally, more formal dining rooms have lower hanging light fixtures. A general rule of thumb is to hang the fixture 3 feet (36 inches) above your table or 6 feet (72 inches) off the floor.

How do I choose a pool table light?

The goal is to get it at a perfect height, and this is typically achieved by hanging the light at a minimum of 40″ above the bed of the table but; not more than around 70″. Along with the height, your light should be above the middle of your pool table.

How far down from the ceiling should a chandelier hang?

Hang a chandelier approximately 30 to 34 inches over a table with an 8 foot ceiling height. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, mount the chandelier an additional 3 inches higher for each foot of ceiling.

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Does a light have to be centered over a table?

Your lighting should always be centered over your conversation or dining area. If not, your room will always look “off” no matter what you do. … So ultimately, the placement of conversational seating and your dining table should dictate where ceiling lights or chandeliers should hang.

How many lights do you need for an 8 foot pool table?

Most 7′ and 8′ pool tables use a light with three shades mounted on a bar approximately 52” in length. Nine-foot tables typically use a 4-shade light about 68” in length. Lights should hang 30” to 33” from the slate bed to the bottom of the shade.

How far from the wall does a pool table need to be?

In general, you need at least 5 feet of open space between a pool table and a wall, but how much space you actually need depends on how long your pool cues are. But keeping your pool table at least five feet from surrounding walls is just the minimum.

How Long Does felt last on a pool table?

How long will my felt last? If the pool table is used daily for four to six hours you can expect your billiard cloth to last about 3 years. Most people, however, will choose to change the cloth color long before it is worn out.

Can a chandelier be too big?

A chandelier can be too large for a space, just like it can be too small. Most people make the mistake of putting a fixture that is too small rather than too large. If you stick close to the measurement guidelines above, the scale should be just right. Over a table use the length and width minus 12.

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Can you put a round chandelier over a rectangle table?

The chandelier should be approximately one-third the width of the table, says Lohnes. So a 5-foot round dining table (60 inches) needs a chandelier with a diameter of 20 inches. Oval or rectangular tables can take a slightly wider chandelier.

Does my chandelier have to be centered over table?

If the chandelier is going to be hung over a table, center it over the table rather than being centered in the room. This is especially important within a dining room that has a hutch present. … The distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the table should be about 30-34 inches.

What do you do when light is not centered over a table?

Off Center Lighting Solutions

  1. We could get something with a base large enough that we could cover the hole and still have a centered light.
  2. We could add a ceiling medallion to make the base look bigger of a chandelier appear bigger (and therefore centered)
  3. We could add another hole on the other side and hang two (or more) lights.


What do you do if your chandelier is not centered over a table?

Adjusting a chandelier is simple if you have the right supplies. All you need is a ceiling hook to swag the chandelier and extra chain if your current one is not long enough. Make sure to screw the hook into a ceiling joist so that it will support the weight of your chandelier.

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