What is the black pool ball called?

Blackball pool (sometimes written black ball), also known as reds and yellows and English eight-ball, is a pool game originating in the United Kingdom and popularized across Europe and The Commonwealth, such as Australia and South Africa.

What does Black Ball mean in pool?

The black ball may sometimes be referred to as the eight ball. The player or team potting their own group of object balls and legally potting the black wins the game. Players do not need to nominate any of the shots they are about to play in blackball pool.

What is blackball sport?

Blackball (also known as English pool) is a variant of billiards played on smaller 7ft tables. It is played by 2 players with 16 balls (1 white cue ball, 1 black, 7 red, 7 yellow) of 50.8 mm diameter. For break the 14 colored balls are grouped in a triangle. … He can pocket or hit any ball.

Can you foul on the black ball in pool?

Except following a foul when only the black ball and ball(s) of the opponents group are on the table, then with the first shot of the first visit, the player may legally pocket the black ball as well as ball(s) of the opponent’s group by any combination and in any order.

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What happens if you hit the black ball in pool?

If a player pockets the black ball before they have pocketed all the balls in their set (yellows or red), they instantly lose the game. If a player hits the white cue ball and the white cue ball does not subsequently come into contact with any of the player’s balls on the table, a foul has been committed.

What happens if you sink the white ball on the black?

In most games if the balls are touching the white has to be played away from the ball it is touching. If you shot the white onto the black ball it would be considered a push shot as the tip of the cue would be in contact with the white as it hits the black. This is a foul and a foul on the black is lose of game.

What are the rules for Black Ball Pool?

Blackball Rules enable an opponent’s ball be potted legally at any time during the frame; provided one of your own colours is also potted during the same shot, this is called a skill shot and is illegal in World Rules.

How many shots are in a black?

If the opposing player commits a foul and you are on the black ball, you are allowed two shots on it. Of course, the variant of pool that you are playing will dictate what is classed as a foul or not. In many cases, it will be one of the following: Failing to hit a rail with at least one ball.

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What does Black Ball mean?

1 : to vote against especially : to exclude from membership by casting a negative vote. 2a : to exclude socially : ostracize.

Can you hit the black ball first in Pool?

You don’t have the right to hit the other player’s balls first. The first ball that you hit must be one of your own color, or the black if you have no balls left on the table. If you fail in doing this, it’s a fault (SCRATCH).

Is there 2 shots on the black ball?

Do I have two shots on the black ball? With blackball you get 2 shots (or 1 free shot) after your foul, so after having already played your free shot you only have 1 shot remaining on the black ball. With eight-ball you have 2 visits after the foul.

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