What is the best break in 9 ball pool?

1. It all starts, and sometimes ends, with the break. The objective is to leave the cue ball in the middle of the table and pocket a ball. The balls with the greatest chance of dropping are the 1-ball (in the side) or one of the balls on the “corner” of the rack.

Where do you aim on 9-ball break?

Generally, as shown below, the goal on a 9-ball break (either by breaking from the side rail or with a cut break from the “box”) is to pocket the “wing ball” and get a shot at the 1 after the break. For the “wing ball” to go, the four balls in the “L” or “hockey stick” path must be frozen.

What is a golden break in 9-ball?

The break consists of hitting the 1-ball, with the attempt to pocket any ball. If the nine-ball is successfully potted, the player automatically wins the rack. This is sometimes known as a golden break .

What is an illegal break in 9 ball pool?

Cue ball needs to be shot from behind the break line and needs to touch the 1 ball and after doing so any ball needs to touch a rail. So an illegal break would be not touching 1 ball and then a rail, shooting from past the break line or having the cue ball fly off the table. Result is ball in hand for your opponent.

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What are the rules for 9 ball pool?

On each shot the first ball the cue ball contacts must be the lowest-numbered ball on the table, but the balls need not be pocketed in order. If a player pockets any ball on a legal shot, he remains at the table for another shot, and continues until he misses, fouls, or wins the game by pocketing the 9-ball.

Do you lose if you scratch on the 9 ball?

But, scratching on the 9 ball doesn’t mean that you win the game, this is also is not a loss. In this situation, it’s considered a foul and as such, the 9 ball will be respotted and the opponent will have a ball in hand. If the spot is unavailable then the 9 ball is respotted just below the 9 ball spot.

What happens if the eight ball goes in on a break?


If the breaker scratches while pocketing the 8-ball on the break, the incoming player has the option of a re- rack or having the 8-ball spotted and begin shooting with ball in hand behind the headstring.

Where is the best place to break in pool?

They generally try to hit dead square on the 1-ball, from wherever they are coming from. This makes it possible to roughly control the cueball’s end position, as it can bounce back to center table if all goes properly. This break often makes the “wing ball,” the corner ball in the rack.

What happens if you hit the wrong ball in 9 ball?

“Wrong Ball First” and “No Rail” fouls are suspended for the shot. If no foul is committed on a push out, the other player may play the next shot, or may pass the shot to the opponent.

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How do you get the golden break in 9 ball?

Diagram 8 “Golden break” gap cheat

If the rack is tight, use a square hit from the side to pocket the wing ball. If required to break from the “box,” or if the 9 is on the spot, use a cut break to pocket the 1 in side or the wing ball in corner.

Does slop count in 9 ball?

You win the game when you pocket the 9-ball, at any time, even on the break, provided the lowest numbered ball on the table is contacted first. … No balls need to be called. In slang terms, “slop” or “trash” (making a ball by accident) counts.

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