Quick Answer: How do you get the best break in 8 ball pool?

Start by placing the cue ball all the way to the right on the Baulk line and aim directly at the fourth ball. Make sure your guidelines make a nice L shape. Add a bit of a backspin, bring the striking point every-so-slightly to the left, draw back your pool stick, and hit it with full force!

How do you break perfectly in 8-ball pool?

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As shown below, a good power option for the 8-ball break is to position the CB slightly off center, and hit the lead ball squarely. As with the 10-ball break, the 2nd-row balls tend to head toward the side pockets, and the corner balls can go four rails to the corners.

How do I improve my pool break?

How to Make a Good Break in Pool

  1. Check the rack. The balls should be frozen (touching).
  2. Pick a light cue. Heavier cues inhibit arm speed.
  3. Chalk up. You can never have too much. …
  4. Put the cue ball anywhere. …
  5. In nine ball, aim straight at the one. …
  6. Keep your cue level. …
  7. Hit square.
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How do you win at 8-ball pool every time?

The most important thing is to not do any hero shots unless you really have to! Go for the easier ones and play them safe. Only do bank shots if you have to and don’t try to show off. It’s really important that you use spin whenever you need it to control the direction of the cue ball after the impact.

Is 8 ball pool App rigged?

“Not rigged as many say but a few issues.. First off, I’ve never spent any real cash on this game. In my experience it’s 85% about skill, 10% about luck and 5% that 8 ball don’t f* you up.

Where do you aim when breaking in pool?

As you follow through, your dominant foot will most likely kick up a bit from the force of the shot. Ideally, you want to leave the cue ball near the center of the table for your next shot, so aim slightly below the center of the ball so that it “deadens” after breaking the rack. 5 Aim for solid contact.

Do you win if you make the 8 ball on break?

An automatic win for the player breaking, however, if the cue ball is scratched when making the 8-ball on the break, the opponent wins the game. Option #2. The breaker may ask for a rerack or have the 8-ball spotted and continue shooting.

What happens if you hit the 8 ball in on the break?

If you scratch on the break you don’t automatically lose, the other player just gets ball in hand behind the head string. Likewise, if you sink the 8 ball on the break, you don’t win. You either spot the 8 ball or re-rack. Traditionally, 8 ball is a “call shot” game.

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Who breaks first in Pool?

The player who breaks first is selected randomly. The break alternates in subsequent games on the same table. The player must strike the 1-ball first and either pocket a ball or hit four or more balls to the rail. Otherwise, the break becomes illegal.

Can you cheat in 8 ball pool?

8 Ball Pool cheat can be a complex game cheat at times. Some tricks are actually difficult to perform. Using a hack will allow you to always succeed, even if your aim is a little off. Using a special hack will help you win when you play games against tougher opponents or when you challenge your friends.

Are there bots in 8 ball pool?

Yes, the game is rigged.

What is the highest level on 8 ball pool?

Levels go from 1 to 150, with 150 being the highest possible.

Why is 8 ball pool banned?

Your account was banned because it was associated with actions in breach of Miniclip’s Terms and Conditions. This may include, but is not limited to, actions such as transferring coins between two or more accounts, account sharing, modifying the game services, and/or other conduct which does not comply with the Rules.

Does 8 ball pool use a lot of data?


For effective game play one has data consumption of 8 ball pool. … 10 minutes of game play consumes almost 0.97-1 megabyte of data is being consumed . If we play the game for an hour then we use up to 6- 12 megabytes of data.

Is 8 ball pool accurate?

If you think about it, the game is PRIMARILY all about LUCK and how the balls lie on the table. HOWEVER, after 1000+ games there MAY be more to this ‘luck’ than meets the eye. … They make unforced errors all of the time which in my opinion in a game like 8 ball pool is just unacceptable if you expect to do well and win.

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