How do you get good cues in 8 ball pool?

You can get pieces for it by playing Las Vegas or above table. After that cue i would save cash you earn to buy legendary boxes with the 43 for 3 deal. If you’re gonna spend money just buy legendary boxes as those are the best cues.

How do you get the best cues in 8 ball pool?

Although, there are not many ways you can actually get legendary cues in 8 Ball Pool. You can purchase Legendary Cues by using the in-game cash. You can actually obtain game cash for free by viewing video ads every day for 1 cash and also by finishing or completing some task in the game.

How do you unlock all the cues in 8 ball pool?

If you have 8 ball pool cash then you can buy surprise boxes and open them you will get legendary cue pieces …. once you got the 4 pieces of the same cue you will get a legendary cue.

Is the 8 ball pool game rigged?

Yes, the game is rigged.

How can I hack 8 ball pool?

8 Ball Pool Hack Mod APK Downloading and Installation Guide :

  1. First of all download 8 Ball Pool Hack APK from the download link provided in this article.
  2. Now install the downloaded mod apk in your Android Device.
  3. Now Open the 8 Ball Pool Mod APK in your device.
  4. Now in the game screen you will see the mod menu hack icon.
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What is the best break in 8 ball pool?

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As shown below, a good power option for the 8-ball break is to position the CB slightly off center, and hit the lead ball squarely. As with the 10-ball break, the 2nd-row balls tend to head toward the side pockets, and the corner balls can go four rails to the corners.

How many legendary boxes do you need to get a legendary cue?

The pitfalls when unlocking a Legendary Cue is that you need to collect 4 pieces of that very cue from Boxes in order to actually unlock it.

What is a champion box in 8 ball pool?

Boxes won in Tournaments always award a full cue (4 pieces), but only the winning player receives such box. The Victory Box feature accompanies the Victory Cue feature, as opening Victory Boxes is the way you can collect Victory Cue pieces. … Tournaments only give a Victory Box upon winning the final match.

Who is the best 8 ball pool player?

With that being said, the reigning WPA World 8-ball champion is Chang Jun Lin of Chinese Taipei. Other top players include Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines and Shane Van Boening of the US.

Are there bots in 8ball pool?

Yes, the game is rigged.

Who is owner of 8 ball pool?

8 Ball Pool is an online and mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation sports game maintained and operated by Miniclip, a games company based in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and England.

Does 8 ball pool use a lot of data?


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For effective game play one has data consumption of 8 ball pool. … 10 minutes of game play consumes almost 0.97-1 megabyte of data is being consumed . If we play the game for an hour then we use up to 6- 12 megabytes of data.

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