How do I delete my Miniclip account on 8 ball pool?

How do I delete my Miniclip ID on 8 ball pool?

If you want to delete your account you will have to send a request via our Web Form. Choose from there: Type of issue: Account related –> I have data related question –> I wish to delete my account.

How do I delete my Miniclip pool account?

If you wish to request to delete your account, please:

  1. Check in the game settings, if you are able to initiate the deletion process from the game.
  2. Choose a game you wish to delete your account.
  3. Insert your email we can contact you to folllow-up the process.
  4. Choose following options:


How do I reset my 8 ball pool account?

  1. (At the moment you can only do reset to 8 Ball pool, Basketball Stars and Soccer Stars. …
  2. Due to security issues, Miniclip will not Reset or Delete flagged or banned accounts. …
  3. If you want to delete or reset your account in 8 Ball Pool, you will have to send a ticket to our support asking which of the procedures you want.
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How do I delete my Miniclip account on Facebook?

The details asked for the delete procedure support are:

  1. Game name:
  2. User ID you have in the game (check this article: How do I find my User ID? ):
  3. Email address of your account (if applicable):
  4. Nickname:
  5. Your Country:
  6. Approximate date of creation of this account:
  7. The reason for your request to delete your profile:


How can I change my name in 8 ball pool?

– Miniclip ID: Go to on a computer and log in with your Miniclip account. There you can change your and picture between your Facebook Account and your Miniclip Account. regarding your name it will not be possible to change it.

How can I delete my 8 ball pool account from Facebook?

Facebook Help Team

  1. Click “V” in the top right of Facebook and select “Settings”
  2. Click “Apps” in the left column.
  3. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove and click “x”

How do I delete my kiss kiss account?

Ask for account removal here: – select “Remove my account” from the list and fill out the form. Please use the email address you used to register your account with.

How do I delete my Ludostar account?

You can not delete or reset the account. The fun of Ludo is sticking with your account through the good times and the bad times. The game wasn’t designed for being reset and restarted. If you want to play the game from start you can do it by logging into the game using a new Facebook Account.

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Can I hack 8 ball pool?

Cheats for 8 Ball Pool. … However, you can find no hacks for God Mode, unlimited Cash Coins, Cash Coins, free Brawler Boxes, Power Points or XP in 8 Ball Pool, because this game is an online multiplayer action shooter and all your save game data is stored on the Supercell (developers) game servers and cannot be hacked.

Connecting multiple login types to your game account

  1. Open the game using your first login type.
  2. Click in the Settings icon.
  3. Select the provider you want to link to your account next.
  4. Get a confirmation pop-up.
  5. Done! :)


How do I find my 8 ball pool account?

Open your game and at the bottom right you will see your Nickname and profile picture. Click on it as showed below; 2. Once you click on it, your Profile Page will pop-up, showing your currency, achievements, total amount of winnings and other details, including your Unique ID.

Can you get banned from 8 ball pool?

HOW DO I GET BANNED FROM ‘8-BALL POOL? ‘ The chief reason anyone would get banned from 8-Ball Pool is because they abused an in-game glitch that offered easy wins or free currency. Probably the most damaging source is modified Android and iOS app files downloaded from nefarious corners of the web.

How do you delete a game account?


  1. Select ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Personal’
  3. Select ‘Accounts’
  4. Select the account you would like to remove.
  5. Select ‘More’
  6. Select ‘Remove Account’
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