Can you sand a pool cue?

Use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the cue after oiling it. If your cues have a varnished shaft, start cleaning them using 240-grade sandpaper. From there, move to a 600-grade sandpaper before finally finishing off with a 120-grade sandpaper. Make sure you oil the cue after sanding it.

How much does it cost to refinish a pool cue?

Pool Cue Repair

$10.00 Install new tip (with purchase of tip) (1 to 2 days completion time)
$200.00 Completely refinish linen cue (8 to 10 weeks completion time)
$160.00 Completely refinish no-wrap cue (8 to 10 weeks completion time)
$25.00 Recondition shaft (remove dents & clean) (1-2 days completion time)

How do you sand a pool cue tip?

To round a tip, rub a swatch of sandpaper briskly across it. Work the sanding strokes in one direction only, downward from the top of the tip. Rub the cue from an angle of about 50 degrees. Turn the cue and tip in a circle underneath your sanding hand.

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Can you wax a pool cue?

Longoni Cue Wax is a mess free way to clean your shaft, allowing for your cues natural beauty to shine without residue or gunky build-up. … Specially Formulated by Longoni. All-In-One Cleaner and Conditioner.

Can you straighten a pool cue shaft?

Find a damp place or spray the cue liberally with water and add some weight to the cue butt. Then Hang it. Let gravity do the work. It usually takes a few weeks to straighten them.

How do you restore a pool cue?

Do not concentrate on one area, even if there is only one nick or scratch; sanding in one area results in changing the shape of the stick. Sand the tip of the pool stick with fine-grit sandpaper to achieve the smooth-edged, mushroom shape. Burnish it with the leather to restore smoothness.

How do you fix a broken pool cue?


  1. Use a razor blade, sharp knife, or pliers to either cut or pulloff the old tip from the end of the cue.
  2. Scrape off any remaining old glue from the ferrule using yourblade or knife.
  3. Use 60 to 80 grit sandpaper to sand down and smooth the end ofthe pool cue to make the surface as even as possible.


What are pool cues finished with?

Most cues are finished either with a clearcoat like they put on cars or CA finish like we use on pens. The big difference is that instead of sanding through maybe 1000 or 1500 and then applying a polish a cue is typically sanded through 1000 or 1500 and then a 6 step chemical abrasive process is used.

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How much does it cost to replace a ferrule?

The cost to replace the ferrule is usually $20-30 at most repair shops.

Are screw on cue tips good?

You are probably looking to buy a very beginner cue or found screw tips that made you think are the screw on cue tips good. The short answer to that is No. Screw tips are for usually very low-end house cues.

How often should you shape your cue tip?

Your new tip will likely have to be reshaped after a month or so of play. The natural compression the tip endures from striking the cue ball causes it to lose its shape. If you have a good, hard tip, you should only have to reshape it that one time.

What size cue tip do the pros use?

13mm is the most common among players. Again, sizes vary among pro pool players, but 13mm tips are the most common.

How do you clean a graphite pool cue?

I think what you are referring to is the type of resin often used in either graphite or fibreglass cues seem to be not as slick as wood shafts. As for cleaning, lightly dampen a paper towel,wipe it down , then just use a dry paper towel to dry it. Keeping the shaft clean is the best way to keeping it smooth.

How do you apply cue wax?

Simply put a small amount onto a dry cloth and then apply the wax evenly and then leave it to set a little and then with a cloth – wipe it down. You should see a shine on the cue once it’s applied!

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What is carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax is a natural wax. It comes from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera palm grown only in Brazil. The wax is obtained by beating the wax off of the dried palm fronds and then refining it for use. The pure wax is yellow in color.

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