Best answer: Why has my 8 ball pool stopped working?

What do I do if 8 ball pool is not working?

Not Loading past 100% (8 Ball Pool)

  1. Open your browser and type about:config and press Enter. …
  2. On the second screen do a search for dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit, the Value should say “true”
  3. Double click on top of the name to change the value to false.
  4. Clear your Cache and you should now be able to play 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer again without any problems!


Can I reset my 8 ball pool account?

Account reset is no longer possible in 8 Ball Pool since December 2018. Miniclip believes that the level of players have to mirror the skills of each players. And players that invested time and effort to each account to progress and improve their skills should be proud of it.

Why is Miniclip not working?

If you are encountering issues loading a game, this may be due to an update to Google Chrome, which may cause issues with Unity games. You can try and change the settings in Chrome to enable the game to run. …

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Why does 8 ball pool keep crashing on my IPAD?

As a solution, try resetting your game data or reinstalling the 8 Ball Pool app in your device. If, in the meantime, you’re still experiencing performance issues, please submit a ticket to our Player Experience team through Web Form while selecting the appropriate fields.

What is the latest version of 8 ball pool?

Technical file information

  • Version: 5.3.1 (2400)
  • File size: 66.6 MB.
  • Updated: April 29, 2021.
  • Minimum Android version: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
  • Screen DPI: nodpi.
  • Architecture: armeabi-v7a.
  • MD5: 5cad6b5acd629b7f8ccd03173b8d0fdb.
  • SHA1: de8f7329c7a4496da734e50ae8896d2bccc9ef4d.


Do you have to buy the pool pass every season?

We recommend you to Purchase the Pool Pass at the start of the Season so you do not loose out on any rewards on a last minute decision! ;)

Can I hack 8 ball pool?

Cheats for 8 Ball Pool. … However, you can find no hacks for God Mode, unlimited Cash Coins, Cash Coins, free Brawler Boxes, Power Points or XP in 8 Ball Pool, because this game is an online multiplayer action shooter and all your save game data is stored on the Supercell (developers) game servers and cannot be hacked.

How can I transfer my 8 ball pool coins to another account?

You can only do by facebook profile like making both account facebook profile and add friends when both facebook profiles are friends than match in 8 ball pool of both profile and quit with one profile. Other profile will win all coins.

Can you delete 8 ball pool account?

Unless the account you are requesting to delete is an old Miniclip ID that is associated with several games (i.e 8 Ball Pool and Soccer Stars) we will delete only the game account that you request us to delete. Deleting your account will fully erase all records of its existence from our system.

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Does Miniclip give you viruses?

I used to work for Miniclip and can guarantee that there are no viruses on Miniclip. … This is not a virus but can make your browser act slower and can be a gateway to other content making it’s way onto your machine.

Why is Flash not working in Chrome?

Fix 1: Make sure to enable Flash Player in Chrome

If you’re experiencing the Flash not working issue in Chrome, you should first make sure Flash Player is enabled in your browser. … 1) Go to Chrome Settings > Advanced > Content settings. 2) Click Flash. 3) Ensure that Ask first (recommended) is toggled to On.

Does Miniclip still exist?

Miniclip is a Swiss free browser game website. Launched in 2001, it is the world’s largest privately owned online gaming website. It was started in 2001 by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie l on a budget of £40,000 and quickly grew.


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