Your question: What is a push in billiards?

A push shot is where a shot in which the cue tip remains in contact with the cue ball longer than is appropriate for a normal stroke and legal shot. A push shot is a foul (i.e., it is not allowed).

What is a push out in pool?


The player who shoots the shot immediately after a legal break may play a push out in an attempt to move the cue ball into a better position for the option that follows. On a push out, the cue ball is not required to contact any object ball nor any rail, but all other foul rules still apply.

Push Shots and Double Hits

Definitions: Most shots commonly known as “Push Shots” in the game of “Snooker” are allowed in the game of Eight – Ball Pool.

What is a push in snooker?

Playing a “push shot” – a shot in which an object ball (whether “on” or not) in direct contact with the cue ball moves when the cue ball is hit, unless the cue ball hits a very fine edge of the object ball.

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What are the characteristics of a push shot?

A pushed shot is one where the ball will travel in a straight line – with no side spin – but will remain to the outside of the target, i.e., right of the target for right handed golfers.

What happens if you hit the wrong ball in 9 ball?

“Wrong Ball First” and “No Rail” fouls are suspended for the shot. If no foul is committed on a push out, the other player may play the next shot, or may pass the shot to the opponent.

What happens if you make the 9 ball and scratch?

If the shooter makes the 9-ball on the break and fouls or scratches, the 9-ball (and only the 9-ball) is spotted. If the shooter is shooting at the object ball and plays it into the 9-ball and pockets the 9-ball, but scratches or otherwise fouls in the process, the 9-ball is spotted.

What happens if you sink your opponent’s ball in pool?

In most cases, you as the shooter will be given the benefit of the doubt and the shot will be called legal. So if you sink your opponent’s ball after hitting both balls at once, it will not be counted as a foul. Your turn ends (unless you also sunk your own ball) and the balls remain in the pockets.

What happens if you don’t hit a ball in pool?

When a player fails to hit any object ball with the cue ball, it’s considered a table scratch. … The cue ball must hit at least one object ball and the object ball must hit a cushion or a pocket. If a player commits a table scratch, the opposing player takes over with ball in hand anywhere on the table.

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What happens if you sink the white ball before the black?

If you shot the white onto the black ball it would be considered a push shot as the tip of the cue would be in contact with the white as it hits the black. This is a foul and a foul on the black is lose of game. … Even if the black ball was the only one left if the white ball goes down, you lose.

Who has the most 147 breaks in snooker?

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most maximum breaks in professional competition, with 15. He also holds the record for the fastest competitive maximum break, at 5 minutes and 8 seconds, which he achieved at the 1997 World Championship. Maximum breaks have gradually become more frequent in snooker.

Why do snooker players leave the black?

They leave it if they are more than seven points ahead. Until the black it is always possible for the opponent to manage to get snookers and thereby points. Once it is only the black there is no ball to hide behind so the are less point available than needed.

Which ball is worth the most points in English snooker?

Each color ball in snooker is worth a different number of points with the highest value ball being the black ball, which is worth seven points. The red ball is worth one point, yellow is worth two points, green is worth three points, brown is worth four points, blue is worth five points and pink is worth six points.

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Why do I hit a push fade?

When I do hit a push fade, it’s usually because the ball position has slipped back of where it should be or my grip has moved a little weak. I would suggest checking your ball position and grip before changing aspects of your swing.

Is a slice a fade or draw?

A little slice is called a fade, and a little hook is called a draw. Imagine you’re standing inside a circle when you hit your ball. If the ball curves around the circle (and you), that’s a hook. If the ball curves away from you, that’s a slice.

Is a push or a pull?

When force moves an object away from something, that is a push. When force brings an object closer, that is a pull.

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