Frequent question: How many times Pankaj Advani won the IBSF World Billiards Championship?

He is a 23 time world champion. He has won the IBSF World Billiards Championship 15 – times, the World Team Billiards Championship 1 – time, the IBSF World Snooker Championship (15 Reds) 3 – times, (6 Reds) 2 – times, the IBSF World Team Cup 1 – time and the IBSF World Team Championship – 1 time.

Who won the IBSF World Snooker Championship 2020?

Reigning World Champion Nutcharat Wongharuthai of Thailand wins the Inaugural World Women Snooker 6Red Cup 2020.

Who won the World billiards championship?


Year Venue Winner
2019 Mandalay (Long-Up) Peter Gilchrist
2018 Yangon (150-Up) Pankaj Advani
2018 Yangon (Long-Up) Pankaj Advani
2017 Doha (150-Up) Pankaj Advani

Who won the first World Billiards Championship from India?

He won both the national billiards and snooker titles in 1952 and 1954. Jones’ first World Billiards Championship was in London in 1951. In Calcutta in 1952, he won only one match, against Ameen Yunoos of Burma.

Wilson Jones (billiards player)

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Born 2 April 1922 Pune, Bombay Presidency, British India
Sport country India

Who is the youngest person to have won all the world titles in billiards for a record 8 times?

Pankaj Advani is also the youngest person in the world to have won all the world titles in English billiards for a record 8 times. He is also the only person to have won all five national, regional, and world billiards tournaments in a single season.

What does Ibsf stand for?

International Billiards and Snooker Federation

Jurisdiction International
Abbreviation IBSF
Founded 1971
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Official website

Who is the champion of worlds Billiards of 2020?

Pankaj Advani wins record 22nd World Billiards Title: IBSF World Billiards Championship. This is Pankaj Advani’s fourth consecutive world title in billiards short format (150-up).

Who is the richest pool player?

The highest paid pool player, Efren Reyes, has a net worth of $2 million.

Who is the number 1 pool player?

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Rank Player Total Points
1 Ko, Ping Chung 25263
2 Filler, Joshua 23512
3 Van Boening, Shane 22574
4 Gorst, Fedor 19037

Who is the famous billiard player?

Efren Reyes

Nickname The Magician, The Maestro, Bata
Pool games eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket
Tournament wins
Major Over 70 major titles
World Champion Eight-ball (2004), nine-ball (1999)

Who was the first Indian to win the world title?

Bengaluru-based biker Aishwarya Pissay made history by becoming the first Indian to win a world title in motorsports as she won the FIM World Cup in women’s category after the final round of the championship in Varpalota, Hungary, on Monday.

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What does billiards mean?

: any of several games played on an oblong table by driving small balls against one another or into pockets with a cue specifically : a game in which one scores by causing a cue ball to hit in succession two object balls — compare pool entry 3.

Who has won the most world titles in snooker?

Stephen Hendry holds the record for the most world titles in the modern era, having won the tournament seven times. Ray Reardon, Steve Davis, and Ronnie O’Sullivan have each won six titles; John Higgins and Mark Selby have both won four; John Spencer and Mark Williams have both won three; and Alex Higgins has won two.

Who won most snooker titles?

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most ranking titles with 37, passing Stephen Hendry’s total of 36, by winning the 2020 World Snooker Championship.

How good is Pankaj Advani?

Pankaj Advani won his 5th Asian Billiard Championship title in April 2012 at Goa. He has a total of 10 World Championship titles and also holds a Hat-trick of titles in World, Asian and Indian Billiards Championships simultaneously.

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